• Crockett Elementary Dress Code

    • Any solid colored polo-style shirt with a collar and sleeves or a Crockett Elementary spirit
    wear shirt.

    • Small logos (2 in. by 2 in.) are acceptable on shirts.

    • Students may wear a solid color, long sleeved shirt underneath a spirt or uniform shirt.

    • Colors include: brown, black, khaki, navy or gray (white is NOT a dress code color for pants)

    • Types: jeans, pants, shorts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, skirts, skorts and capri pants.

    • All shorts and skirts must be fingertip length.

    • Extra Info: Stretch pants, athletic shorts, cut-off shorts, leggings, yoga/spandex pants, and
    sweat pants are NOT allowed.

    • Tights worn with shorts or skirts must be a solid color.

    • Sweaters or light jackets for classroom wear should be a solid color with no writing or

    • Pull-over sweaters or solid color sweatshirts should be worn with a collared shirt
    or spirit shirt underneath.

    •Heavy coats or jackets will not be worn during class instruction

    •Shoes should be appropriate for PE activities.

    • Flip-flops are not appropriate for the safety of the students.


    WEDNESDAY COLLEGE DAY: Promote higher education by wearing your favorite college shirt with regular uniform bottoms.

    FRIDAY WFISD PRIDE DAY: Show your district spirit by wearing a Crockett or any local secondary school shirt each Friday with regular uniform
    bottoms. (Barwise, Kirby, McNiel, WFHS, Rider, Hirschi).