Financial Documents

  • Financial Documents

    WFISD has increased its efforts to provide transparent financial information for all stakeholders of the District.  We are focused on presenting financial reports and relevant information in a format that is easily understandable and promotes transparency and accountability. Our goal is to provide our citizens and interested parties with the information necessary to better understand how their tax dollars are spent in support of student achievement.

    Annual Financial Accountability Management Reports (FIRST)

    The state’s school financial accountability rating system, known as the School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST), ensures that Texas public schools are held accountable for the quality of their financial management practices and that they improve those practices.  The system is designed to encourage Texas public schools to better manage their financial resources to provide the maximum allocation possible for direct instructional purposes.

    Disbursement Reports (Check Registers)

    In an effort to provide transparency, the District provides a current disbursement reports for 5 prior fiscal years. These reports include the check date, payee, and check amount for each disbursement