• Credit By Exam (CBE)


    Credit by Exam (CBE) is the process by which students can skip grades or earn credit for courses by taking tests.

    • Elementary/Middle (Grades 1-8) - CBE tests are used to potentiall "skip" grade levels.   To do so, students must take 4 tests (Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and score an 80 or better on each exam.
    • Secondary (Grades 7-12) - CBE tests are used to earn credit for specific courses.  To do so, when applicable, students must take exams for BOTH semesters (first and second) and score an 80 or better on each exam.



    During the school year, we arrange for students to take these CBE tests at their home campus during the school day.  (Target window: November)

    During summer, arrangements will be made for the student to test at the WFISD Education Center, 1104 Broad Street. (Target window: June)



    For CBE, our District uses tests either from Texas Tech University, or the University of Texas.  Find review sheets and study guides linked below.



    Do you want to request a CBE exam for your student?  If so, please complete the form linked below.

    [CBE Request]


    For more information, contact:

    Ward Roberts, Director of Innovation and Advanced Academics

    (940) 235-1021, ext. 15009