• Crisis Communication

    The Wichita Falls Independent School District is committed to providing a safe environment for student, staff, and visitors. We work closely with our first responders in order to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency. We have developed a comprehensive plan that covers a wide variety of emergencies and serves as a guide to help staff, and our public safety partners, respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools. The plan includes crisis communications.

    The communication goal during any incident is to get the:

    • Right information to the
    • Right people at the
    • Right time so they can make the
    • Right decisions and issue the
    • Right communications

    It is important to understand that Wichita Falls ISD's first priority will be to ensure the safety of the students and staff and we will initiate our communications plan as soon as we have accurate information. Emergencies can develop rapidly and change frequently. We work with our first responders to ensure the message we send is correct and does not compromise any aspect of the situation. The method of communications may depend on the nature of the emergency and the response needed by parents.

    Emergency Guide for Parents

    Inclement Weather (Snow/Ice) Communication

    Severe Weather Communication