• Jefferson Elementary Dress Code


    Any shirt with a collar or Jefferson spirit wear. No logos or emblems can exceed 2" x 2". Only solid color vests, sweatshirts, Jefferson sweatshirts/hoodies or cardigan jackets may be worn over shirts. Solid color long sleeved shirts may be worn for warmth. 


    Solid color bottoms/dresses: Khaki, Navy Blue, Black Plain Blue Denim Jeans (no colors) No rips, tears, holes, frays, designs,tie dye, jewels, or decorative stitching. May be regular uniform pants or cargo style. Must be fitted at the waste, not over-sized or baggy. Shorts, skorts, jumpers, dresses, and skirts must not be any shorter than the top of the knee. 

    Fridays Only

    Jefferson's Spirit Wear-Any Jefferson school shirt, Jefferson club shirt, House shirt, with uniform pants, jeans or athletic shorts of appropriate length 

    Not Permitted Any Day

    Make-up, tight-fitting clothes/leggings Shorts/skirts that are too short even with tights or leggings underneath Midriff shirts 


    Safety is key! Please refer to the WFISD Student Handbook. Shoes must be worn at all times! Tennis shoes should be worn for PE and laces must be properly tied at all times. Flip flops are not appropriate for school. 


    Hair is to be neat, clean, well-groomed and styled so that vision will not be obstructed. Hair that sticks out more than 3" is not allowed. Hair styles and colors that create a distraction are not allowed. No etchings or cut-ins are allowed. Hair must not be dyed or two-toned. No mo-hawks or faux hawks. No caps, hats or head coverings allowed in the building.