• Wichita Falls ISD welcomes all students back into our hallways and classrooms. However, we understand that coming back to an on-campus learning environment is not right for all students. To assist parents, Wichita Falls ISD is offering two learning options: WFISD face-to-face and WFISD remote. Each parent will need to consider which option is the best choice for their child.

    Parents will have the option to change learning environments at the end of each grading period. Elementary grading periods are nine weeks, and secondary grading periods are six weeks. A request to change an instructional setting must be provided at least ten calendar days prior to the end of the grading period. Parents will be able to make that request through an online form that will be available on the district website.

    Deadlines for Changing Learning Environments:

    1st Nine Weeks: August 9
    2nd Nine Weeks: September 27
    3rd Nine Weeks: December 6
    4th Nine Weeks: February 28

    1st Six Weeks: August 9
    2nd Six Weeks: September 14
    3rd Six Weeks: October 25
    4th Six Weeks: December 6
    5th Six Weeks: February 7
    6th Six Weeks: March 28