• The amazing adventures of.......

     SHADOW FACE!.....

    Part one                                                                                                                                        

    Terrorists of the future.


    By Josh Potts.


    In the year 2016 a new president, Gerald Daniels, takes office. He began to make new laws that millions of people were unhappy with. These people left America and formed their own country called Lamania. Hiring many intelligent minds, they made many deadly weapons that made other countries fall to their knees. After taking over every other country in the world besides America, they made a vow -  To destroy America, no matter what.

    Rob Phillips was the most brilliant jet designer in all of America. Right now was the time when America needed him most, especially with continuing threats from Lamania. But what nobody knew was that he was secretly working on a new design - a jet pack and a whole type of jumpsuit to go with it. The most interesting part was the mask. It was an oxygen mask designed for the purpose of supplying air and keeping ones identity hidden. From a distance, the mask looked like a shadow.  shadow


    Terrorist attack prevention center, Washington D.C.

    John Williamson hated his job. The only thing he did was stare at a radar screen. But, it paid the bills. Still, nothing ever happened. What he didnt know was that his wish for action would come true. He saw several thin triangular shapes on the screen.  "Oh no, Lamanians!" he said. He sounded the alarm, but it was too late. The room suddenly exploded.

    Atom Industries.

    People were running and screaming in terror. Washington, D.C., was under attack. Several Lamanian jets were attacking the city. The city had sent up several jets to fight the Lamanians.  The jets were easily defeated. There was only one person who could fight the Lamanians -  Rob. He ran and got on the experimental jet pack fighter suit. He put it on. Then he put on the mask. He stepped outside and launched into the air.



    It was time to fight


    ......To be continued