By Tyler Ritchie



         Whoosh! Whoosh! Went the waves washing upon the beautiful coast of Destin, Florida.

         This summer my sister and I went to see my dad in Gulfport, Mississippi. We did many fun things together. We went fishing, and we went to the USS Battleship State Park in Pascagoula. But my most favorite trip this summer was to Destin, Florida!

           We drove for 4 hours to see the magnificent white, sandy beaches and the clear blue waters. That afternoon after we got there, we got a hotel and unpacked. As soon as we got done, we rushed straight to the beaches. After a while we went back to our hotel and got changed to go to a place called Fudpuckers. Not only did they have excellent grouper (a bass in the ocean), but they also had a real live alligator show with about 20 alligators!  It was by far the best restaurant I have gone to because it was the only one where you got to go feed and watch alligators while you’re eating. After we finished eating, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

         The next morning we went snorkeling. It was really cool at first I was nervous but after a while I liked it. My favorite part of it was when I saw these little blue and green fish swimming with us. After we got tired of it we started swimming. Later my dad and I went snorkeling again and saw a little nurse shark!  I ran like my life depended on it because I figured if one shark was here, there should be another one close by.

         We went back inside to get some rest and eat while my dad went to a meeting. After they came back we went to go eat at a place called Captain Alls and it was right on the water. While we were waiting on a table we saw what I thought was a shark but my dad told me it was just a dolphin.

    On our last day we went back to the beach and swam for a while until we started getting stung by jelly- fish. My dad told me that all the jellies are coming up because of hurricane Ike is pushing them up. We stayed there for 5 hours getting in every now and then. Then my sister said she’s done swimming and was going to play in the sand. But the funniest thing of all is when a huge wave pushed a jellyfish upon the beach and got her foot. If you thought you’ve seen someone scream and holler so loud at the top of their lungs, you must be mistaken because this was the real deal. I was literally rolling on the beach laughing so hard that I started choking over my own spit. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way she ran around kicking her foot in the air and trying to wash her foot off at the showers on the beaches. A little after noon we left and checked out of our hotel and started our journey back to home in Gulfport, Mississippi.

         This is one memory I’ll always have with me. I don’t think I’ll never forget this summer and my trip to Destin, Florida.