• Poems

    By Shelsee Dahlgren




    Dark and murky raindrops sitting in the sky
          Clouds drifting by frozen in time
          Wind shrieking loudly through the trees
       It didn't stop
          Despite the sun

          Despite the heat
          Despite the fire
          Despite the life
    Within the storm




    Breathing Light


    When the rain came

    It fell                                                                                                                                  

    To moisten the brittle treesrain

    To fill the empty valley

    To fog the lonely sky

    To put out the fire

         Life poured out over destruction






    When the sun set                                                         moon                                                  

    Light was born

    To sparkle in the midnight sky

    To glisten on the moon-lit pond

    To light the foggy clouds

    To shine in your big wide eyes

         Darkness never looked so bright