• My Hunting Adventure
    by Tyler Ritchie

          It was November 22, 2003, and I was eight years old. I was going to go hunting right outside of Crowell, Texas.

         It was very early and very dark when my dad woke me up. We got up at 3:00 A.M. and it was 40 degrees outside. It was very cold and dark.

         When I finally arrived at the deer stand it was a quarter till 6:00. The temperature was now dropping and was 38 degrees when we got settled in. We were hunting a creek bed that was surrounded by trees that also leads to a deer feeder. On the other side of us was a huge grass field. We had to be extremely quite because we could hear the deer running and the bucks fighting around us.

         The sun was just rising when a huge 6 point buck jumped the fence into the big grass field behind us. We had trouble trying to determine whether it was a white-tailed buck or a mule deer. After we found out it was a white tail, I brought up my gun to take the shot. My heart started beating so loud that I had to take a moment. My dad started making grunting noises to stop the massive buck, it stopped and stared… I shot! I shot it in the heart and it fell but jumped back up. I put another bullet in and shot: it hit the neck and the deer went down.

         I shot it from 177 yards away in the grass field. As I lowered the gun my dad said it was worth the wait and patience, and I just had to agree. I was so exited I couldn’t feel the cold. This is one memory I will never forget!