• Dyslexia Instructional Program

    Reading by Design



     Reading By Design- Systematic, Explicit, and Intensive Reading Intervention Program

    • Volume 1 - Alphabetic Principle
    • Volumes 2-4 - Six syllable types, digraphs, diphthongs, and other sound/symbol correspondences
    • Volume 5 - Greek and Latin Roots/Morphology

    Rite Flight: A Classroom Reading Rate Program

    Rite Flight: Rate differs from basic repeated reading in using a method of instruction designed to
    promote the recognition of letter clusters within words. Students follow a repeated reading schedule that introduces the same words in isolation, then phrases and finally in stories. Words are introduced in an organized sequence from basic to more complex phonic (i.e., letter-sound) patterns. It is hypothesized that this approach, which incorporates an orderly introduction of phonic patterns, will result in true transfer because students will more efficiently recognize similar letter clusters in novel words.