• Partners In Education
    Partners In Education collaborates with corporations, local businesses, community groups, the military, colleges and universities, and individuals to provide additional opportunities and resources for our schools.  Committed partners invest in the schools of their choice based on the Adopt-A-School Model.
    Partner Partner Signings

    More businesses and schools are making their partnerships official every day.  Congratulations to our most recent partners shown here.


    Adopt-A-School Happenings

    Businesses and schools come together to hold numerous events each year to provide for the school and promote community spirit.  Click here to see how partners are connecting with our schools.

    Current Partners          

    Thank you, partners for your contribution to our schools.  Your return of investment last school year was over 1.9 million dollars!  We are grateful for your impact and continued commitment to the students of the Wichita Falls ISD.


    Prospective Partners

    Come join small and large business, civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who are instrumental in providing Wichita Falls schools with student and teacher incentives, equipment and supplies, volunteers, in-kind services, and cash donations. 


    Partner participation in the Adopt-A-School program provides these benefits:

    ·         Improved student achievement leading to better educated workers and consumers

    ·         Enhanced school district morale

    ·         Understanding of the quality and needs of the public school system

    ·         Engagement in school programs and decisions that directly and indirectly benefit the partner

    ·         Recognition as an entity with meaningful, community-based involvement

    ·         Promotion and patronization amongst school staff, parents, and customers



    It’s easy to become a partner.  Complete and return the Partner Application.  PIE Staff will eagerly match your resources and interests with the needs of the most appropriate school or district department in order to produce a mutually beneficially partnership.
    Partner Resource Form
    The value of your donated materials, in-kind services, and monetary contributions will be tracked during the 2015-2016 year via the Partner Resource Form.  Please provide this information to your Campus Coordinator in order that PIE may acknowledge you properly.