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Coach's Corner: Clint Nabors

Coach's Corner: Clint Nabors

Clint Nabors is a dedicated coach, serving at Rider as an assistant football and soccer coach. Alongside his professional commitments, Clint values his family life, being happily married to his wife, Regan, and enjoying quality time with their son, Baker, who is currently in the 3rd grade.

An alumnus of the University of Central Oklahoma, Clint has a solid educational background that contributes to his coaching expertise. Beyond the field, he has a passion for outdoor activities, particularly fishing and hunting, making the most of his free time when possible. Clint is also a devoted fan of college football, frequently attending games of his favorite team, the University of Oklahoma.

As a core principle in his life, Clint embraces the importance of staying connected to his roots, as reflected in his quote: "Never forget where you came from!" This philosophy likely plays a role in his commitment to spending as much time as possible with his family, creating a well-rounded and fulfilling life both personally and professionally. Additionally, he loves Tex-Mex.

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