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Dave South: Coyote Graduate & The Iconic Voice of Texas A&M Aggies

Dave South: Coyote Graduate & The Iconic Voice of Texas A&M Aggies

In the realm of college sports, some figures transcend time and become synonymous with the spirit and passion of their teams. For the Texas A&M Aggies, one such iconic figure was Dave South. Known for his distinctive voice, unparalleled enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication, South became the voice of the Aggies for more than three decades, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Aggie fans everywhere.

Raised in Wichita Falls, Dave South's journey to become the voice of the Aggies began in the early 1980s. A proud 1963 graduate of Wichita Falls High School, he grew up with a deep love for sports and broadcasting.

In 1985, South was offered the opportunity of a lifetime - becoming the play-by-play announcer for the Texas A&M Aggies. Armed with a dynamic and engaging voice, he brought the action to life, elevating the fan experience for Aggie supporters across the nation. Whether it was football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, South's unmistakable voice resonated through the airwaves and became synonymous with Aggie sports.

One of the most endearing qualities of South's broadcasting style was his genuine passion for the Aggies. He wasn't merely a commentator; he was a devoted fan who celebrated the triumphs and shared the heartaches of the team and its followers. This connection with the Aggie community is what made him so beloved. Listeners felt like they were experiencing the game alongside a longtime friend, sharing in the excitement and the victories that came with it.

His tenure as the voice of the Aggies spanned an astonishing 32 years, during which he became an integral part of the university's rich sports tradition. Generations of Aggie fans grew up listening to his iconic voice, creating lasting memories with friends and family, all while rooting for their beloved team.

While South stepped down as the voice of the Aggies in 2017, his journey with the university did not end there. Even after retirement, he continued to be actively involved in the world of sports, announcing Texas A&M baseball games for three more years until 2020. His unwavering dedication and commitment to the Aggie community were evident as he continued to support the team that he had been an inseparable part of for decades.

In 2018, South received the Chris Schenkel Award from the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame

Throughout his illustrious career, Dave South received numerous other accolades and honors for his contributions to sports broadcasting. However, his greatest reward was undoubtedly the admiration and love he received from the countless Aggie fans who cherished him as the voice of their cherished university.

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