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Fine Arts Feature: Chris Mayfield

Fine Arts Feature: Chris Mayfield
  1. Name and Family: Chris Mayfield is the art instructor at WFHS. He is married to Jennifer and has two children, Jonah and Mia.

  2. Interests: Chris Mayfield seems to have a few interesting hobbies and interests. He mentions having a "mild" obsession with KISS, the iconic rock band, which could indicate a love for their music or memorabilia. Additionally, he describes himself as a Marvel comic book nerd, suggesting a deep interest in the Marvel universe.

  3. Involvement in WFHS: Chris is a sponsor of the WFHS National Art Honor Society, indicating his dedication to nurturing and supporting young artists at the school.

  4. Mannequin Action Figure: It's intriguing that he has a 6-foot-tall mannequin action figure named Charlie in his classroom. He handles the WFHS NAHS social media accounts.

  5. Passion for Art: Chris Mayfield's quote, "I've got one of the best jobs. I get to hang out and help kids draw and paint superheroes," reflects his enthusiasm for his job as an art instructor. It's clear that he enjoys inspiring and guiding students in their artistic pursuits, particularly in creating superhero-themed artwork.

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