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First Year Teacher Friday: Brandon Barnett

First Year Teacher Friday: Brandon Barnett

Brandon Barnett, a recent graduate of Midwestern State University (MSU), has taken the stage as the newest addition to Scotland Park Elementary's teaching team. With a background in voice and French horn, Brandon's musical expertise is already making waves in the classroom.

Although he didn't originate from Wichita Falls, he's been a part of the community since 2015. Beyond music, he's learning Greek to connect with his family on a deeper level, showcasing his commitment to communication.

In addition to his musical talents, Brandon's love life is in harmony as well. He married in 2021, balancing his personal and professional life with grace.

His favorite quote, "If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done," epitomizes his fearless approach to challenges. Scotland Park Elementary is in for an exciting year with Brandon leading the way, fostering musical talents and inspiring growth in his students.

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