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First Year Teacher Friday: Javen Banks

First Year Teacher Friday: Javen Banks

This week's First Year Teacher Friday spotlights Javen Banks, the latest addition to Hirschi High School's teaching team.

Education: Javen is a proud graduate of Texas State University, where he laid the foundation for his teaching career.

Favorite Food: Soul Food holds a special place in Javen's heart.

Favorite Movie: "Boyz N the Hood"

Hobbies: Off the clock, you can find Javen on the basketball court. He also cherishes quality family time, strengthening his bonds with loved ones.

Dream Destination: Javen dreams of exploring California's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, adding an adventurous spirit to his profile.

Goals for the Year: In his first year of teaching, Javen's mission is clear: work hard to provide for his family and secure a stable future. His determination to succeed shines through.

Strength in Faith: Javen draws strength from his faith in God, believing it can help him overcome life's challenges.

As Javen Banks joins Hirschi High School, his ambition, passion, and dedication promise to inspire both students and colleagues.

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