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Isaac Hawkins Jr. Elected Texas FFA President

Isaac Hawkins Jr. Elected Texas FFA President

Isaac Hawkins Jr., a 2023 graduate from Hirschi High School, achieved a historic milestone by being elected President of the Texas FFA Association. This significant victory not only marks a triumph for Isaac personally but also makes him the first student from Hirschi High to hold this prestigious position.

The Texas Future Farmers of America (FFA) Association, a renowned youth organization dedicated to agricultural education and leadership development, boasts an impressive membership of approximately 170,000 students across the state.

In his pursuit of becoming the Texas FFA President, Isaac faced competition from talented peers across the state. The selection criteria consisted of two main components: a popular vote by delegates at the state convention, accounting for 40% of the decision, and a committee process comprising a written knowledge exam (10%) and an interview (50%).

His election is not only a proud moment for Isaac and his family but also a significant milestone for Hirschi High School and WFISD. Before the Career Education Center opened in 2017, Rider High School was the only school within WFISD with an FFA program. Isaac's achievement as the President of the Texas FFA Association marks the first time a student from Hirschi High has reached such heights in the organization, showcasing the growth and potential within the district's agricultural education programs.

Isaac's election marks the first time a WFISD student has held a state officer position within the Texas FFA Association since 1991.

As the newly-elected Texas FFA President, Isaac Hawkins Jr. will play a pivotal role in promoting agricultural education and leadership across the state. As part of his responsibilities, he will be traveling throughout Texas, advocating for the FFA's mission and inspiring thousands of young minds to embrace the principles of agri-science, leadership, and personal growth.

To fulfill these duties effectively, Isaac has chosen to delay his enrollment at Tarleton State University for a year, as he dedicates his time and energy to represent the FFA at various events and conferences. By doing so, he will have the opportunity to interact with a diverse array of FFA members, share his vision, and support the growth of agricultural education in Texas.

Isaac Hawkins Jr.'s rise from Hirschi High School to becoming the President of the Texas FFA Association is a testament to his leadership, dedication, and passion for agriculture. His accomplishments are sure to inspire future generations of FFA members, and his impact on agricultural education in Texas promises to be profound.

Congratulations to Isaac Hawkins Jr. on his remarkable achievement, and may his journey continue to be filled with success and fulfillment in the service of agriculture and the Texas FFA Association.

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