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Staff Spotlight: Jessica Davis

Staff Spotlight: Jessica Davis

In today's Wichita Falls ISD Staff Spotlight, we shine a light on Jessica Davis, a dedicated para at Crockett Elementary.

Jessica Davis, along with her spouse Jared and their child Jacqueline, forms a loving family unit. When she's not busy supporting students at Crockett, Jessica enjoys indulging in her hobby of crochet.

Jessica pursued her education in Mass Communications at Midwestern State University, bringing a diverse set of skills to her role in education. When it comes to cuisine, Jessica's taste buds gravitate towards the flavorful delights of Birria Tacos, and her favorite dining spot is Gutierrez.

Jessica shares a profound perspective: "My goal is to continue working toward a life my younger self would be proud of." This sentiment encapsulates her dedication to personal growth and her commitment to making a positive impact, both in her own life and in the lives of those around her.

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