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Staff Spotlight: Tina Burney

Staff Spotlight: Tina Burney

This week's WFISD Staff Spotlight features Tina Burney, the dedicated secretary at Zundy. Tina is happily married to Tim Burney, and together they have three wonderful children: Selena, Angelo, and Carlos Burney.

In her free time, Tina cherishes moments with her family, indulges in the joy of traveling, and finds relaxation in shopping. One of her favorite dining spots is Cheddars.

When it comes to vacation, Tina's heart is set on Hawaii. She proudly supports the Dallas Cowboys, cheering for her favorite team during thrilling games.

Tina Burney's outlook on life is captured in her personal mantra, "My goal for the year is not to just fly but soar." This sentiment reflects her ambition to rise above challenges and achieve new heights. With a positive and determined mindset, Tina is undoubtedly an inspiration to those around her, embodying the spirit of #Soaring.

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