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Teacher Tuesday: Hannah McWilliams

Teacher Tuesday: Hannah McWilliams

Meet Hannah McWilliams: Shaping Minds and Creating Memories

Meet Hannah McWilliams, a dedicated 3rd-grade teacher at West Foundation Elementary.

Favorite Food: Sushi When she's not busy inspiring young minds, Hannah loves indulging in her favorite food, sushi.

Pursuing a Master's in Educational Technologies She's currently pursuing a master's degree in educational technologies.

Fun Fact: Memory-Maker One interesting facet of Hannah is her knack for creating unique memories. Whether it's through engaging classroom activities or special events, she goes the extra mile to make learning an unforgettable experience for her students.

Family and Feline Companions Hannah's personal life revolves around her family. She shares her life with  Nicholas, and her beloved feline companion, Lula. It's a little family that brings joy and balance to her life.

Inspirational Quote Hannah lives by the motto, "A LITTLE PROGRESS each day adds up to BIG RESULTS." This quote underlines her belief in the power of consistent effort and the journey towards achieving significant results.


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