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Teacher Tuesday: Jennifer Fix

Teacher Tuesday: Jennifer Fix

Meet Jennifer Fix, a dedicated math teacher at Burgess, with an impressive educational background and a passion for teaching. She is a mother to two bright young men, Toben and Julian. Toben's accelerated high school journey culminated in his graduation at the age of 16, while Julian is currently a sophomore at Old High, deeply immersed in the world of theater.

Jennifer holds a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from GCU, which undoubtedly enhances her teaching skills and benefits her students.

When it comes to her personal tastes, Jennifer enjoys sipping on a refreshing cherry limeade from Sonic. She's also an avid supporter of the Dallas Stars, showcasing her love for sports. And, as for her favorite cuisine, anything Italian is a guaranteed delight.

Jennifer's guiding motto in life, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, is simple yet profound: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." These words inspire her every day in her classroom, as she helps shape the futures of her students through the power of education.

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