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Teacher Tuesday Profile: Cary Vanarsdall

Teacher Tuesday Profile: Cary Vanarsdall

Teacher Tuesday Profile: Cary Vanarsdall

Cary Vanarsdall, an 8th-grade reading teacher at Kirby Middle School, is more than just an educator. He's also a dedicated volunteer. With four children of his own, Cary's commitment extends beyond the classroom.

A Love for Literacy

Cary's passion for teaching is evident in his dedication to instilling a love for reading in his students. His goal is to nurture a lifelong appreciation for literature among his 8th-grade pupils.

Community Service

When he's not teaching, Cary selflessly serves as a volunteer at the Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department. He plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of his community during emergencies.

Guiding the Youth

As the founding Scoutmaster for Troop 2 Scouts BSA and Assistant Cubmaster at Pack 13, Cary contributes to the development of young minds by imparting valuable life skills and fostering leadership qualities.

A Musical Virtuoso

Cary's musical talents extend to multiple instruments, including the guitar, violin, trumpet, drums, and piano. His love for music reflects his diverse interests and creativity.

A Thoughtful Quote

Cary's favorite quote, "Egos eat brains," by Chief Rick Lasky of the Lewisville Fire Department (Ret), emphasizes the importance of humility and continuous learning, both in education and life.

Cary Vanarsdall's multifaceted contributions as an educator, volunteer, and musician make him an inspiring figure in the WFISD community.

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