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Teacher Tuesday: Samantha Batchelor

Teacher Tuesday: Samantha Batchelor

Every Tuesday, Wichita Falls ISD shines a light on one of its own. Today, it's all about Samantha Batchelor, the dedicated kindergarten teacher at Southern Hills Elementary.

Her husband also works at Jefferson High School, making education a true family affair. At home, they juggle the joy and chaos of raising two lively boys. Family is their anchor.

Beyond the classroom, Samantha's heart belongs to baseball and the Texas Rangers.

Her favorite food? Chips and queso, a simple pleasure that brings her immense joy.

And to wash it down? A cold can of coke, of course. It's the perfect pairing.

Her happy place? The beach. There's no better escape.

Her favorite quote says it all: "Life is tough, my darling, but so are YOU."

Samantha Batchelor, a teacher, a fan, a mother, and a true inspiration. This Teacher Tuesday, we salute you!

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