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Teacher Tuesday: Shelly Proctor

Teacher Tuesday: Shelly Proctor

Meet Ben Franklin Elementary teacher, Shelly Proctor. For years, she nurtured the youngest minds in Kindergarten. Shelly's passion for creativity stems from her mother, Shirley King, a local artist whose influence has shaped her teaching philosophy.

Shelly is a devoted mother to Sheridan and Halle, actively involved in their pursuits, whether it's supporting their dance endeavors or sharing her love for music. Her dedication to her own children mirrors her commitment to her students.

Shelly loves her adventures around the globe. With each journey, she gathers stories and experiences to enrich her teaching.

Guided by the timeless words of Mother Teresa, Shelly believes in the power of empathy and understanding. In her classroom, judgment is replaced with love, creating a safe space for children to explore, create, and grow.

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