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Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Madison Marsh

Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Madison Marsh

In this week's Teacher Tuesday spotlight, we introduce you to Madison Marsh, an exceptional ELAR & Social Studies teacher at Fain Elementary. Madison's teaching talents are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her unique personality. Let's take a quick look at her interests:

  • Dallas Stars Fan: Madison's love for the Dallas Stars adds a dash of excitement to her life outside the classroom.

  • Ovi Marsh: Her beloved canine companion, Ovi Marsh, undoubtedly brightens her days.

  • Disney Enthusiast: Madison's passion for all things Disney reflects her vibrant spirit and sense of wonder.

  • Bookworm: As an ELAR teacher, Madison's devotion to reading shines through, creating a nurturing learning environment.

  • Board Games & D&D Lover: Her enthusiasm for board games and D&D showcases her creativity and love for collaborative experiences.

Favorite Quote: "It's kind of fun to do the impossible” - Walt Disney. This quote perfectly captures Madison's teaching philosophy, inspiring her students to reach for the stars.

We celebrate Madison's dedication to education and her remarkable impact on young minds. Thank you, Madison, for all you do.

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