Flu Prevention Protocol

WFISD Final Exam Waiver Exemption SY2017-2018

In an effort to prevent the future spread of the flu, WFISD is implementing a temporary moratorium on some absence coding that is included in the final exam exemption procedures.

Problem: Students at the high school level are coming to school with the flu because they want to be able to have eligible attendance to exempt their final exams 

Need: If any student has been diagnosed with flu or flu-like symptoms via doctor note or school nurse, they need to STAY HOME AND NOT COME TO SCHOOL SICK. 

Proposal:  If any sophomore, junior or senior student has confirmed flu (via doctor note or sent home via school nurse), that will be coded F1 or F2 starting on or after January 4, 2018 until March 9, absences between 2-5 days will not count on the exemption, dependent on Dr. orders  

Student must bring a note to attendance office the first day they are able to return to school per doctor or nurse.  If the medical note is not returned on that first available day, it will not be coded to F1 or F2 for flu.

These absences will not be counted into final exam exemption totals.

Any absences that are not confirmed flu via doctor note or school nurse will be included in exemption totals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.    What if the nurse sends my child home for flu?

a.       That day the child is sent home will be coded F1/F2 and the next day will be coded F1/F2.

2.    What if I can tell my child has the flu but he/she did not go the doctor or nurse?

a.       That absence will count for the final exam exemption policy.

3.    What if my child was sick with the flu but did not turn in a doctor note or did not turn it in on time?

a.       That absence will count for the final exam exemption policy.

4.    Do F1/F2 days count toward make-up hours in order to earn credit?

a.       Yes

5.    Do F1/F2 days count as truancy days?

a.       No