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Distribution of Non-School Materials

According to Wichita Falls ISD policy GKDA (Local), only communication sponsored by the district or a district-affiliated/school-support organization shall be permitted for distribution and circulation on district premises. All communication material must be pre-approved by and distributed through WFISD's Community Relations Office. 

The District shall not be responsible for, nor shall the District endorse, the contents of any non-school literature distributed on any District premises.

This policy pertains to all forms of communication, including but not limited to: flyers; posters; handbills; photographs; pictures; yard signs; electronic marquees; coupons; films; tapes; other written materials; other printed materials; other visual materials; other auditory materials; and all social media platforms. 

Organizations that fall under one of the following eight categories can distribute materials through the district, once they receive the required approval:

  • WFISD affiliates (PTA/PTO, WFISD Foundation/Partners In Education, Booster Clubs)
  • City of Wichita Falls
  • Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce 
  • University/College academic partnerships (approved by the Director of School Administration)
  • Entities under contractual agreements with the district 
  • Non-profit, enrichment programs for school-age children (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters) 
  • Non-profit programs that provide social and emotional resources for staff and students
  • Organizations working in coordination with schools for events that raise money for the campuses (i.e. Spirit Night events). 

The approval process upholds all guidelines dictated in the Wichita Falls ISD policy GKDA (Local). All organizations must seek approval from the Community Relations Office for distribution of their material; nevertheless, the requests will only be granted if they meet one of the guidelines listed above. All non-school literature intended for distribution on school campuses or other District premises shall be submitted to the WFISD Community Relations Office and shall include the name of the person or organization sponsoring the distribution. WFISD’s Community Relations Office maintains the right to deny any distribution request at any time, including requests from organizations that meet the outlined guidelines. 

The following materials will NOT be approved for distribution: 

  • Information pertaining to a specified portion of the district population such as religious groups, political groups, special interest groups, etc. 

  • Information from non-profit organizations pertaining to fundraisers that do not directly benefit WFISD 

  • Material that is obscene, vulgar or inappropriate for children 

  • Material that promotes activities, goods, or services related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms or weapons 

  • Material that advocates violence, illegal, or dangerous activities 

  • Material that contains defamatory statements 

  • Hate literature 

  • Material that would interfere with school activities or the rights of others

  • Information from for-profit organizations or information representing business/corporate interests* 

* Information from for-profit organizations or information representing corporate/business interests will only be approved for distribution as part of a previously approved agreement with the district. 

“Other” Communication Material Approval Guidelines 

For approval of “other” communication material, email an electronic copy of the poster, sign, coupon, etc. to Ashley Thomas at All submitted materials will be approved or denied based on the parameters set forth in WFISD policy within three business days from the time the materials are received. 

Yard Signs: Once approved by the WFISD Community Relations Office, signs may be posted in the parent loop of each campus. The signs may not exceed 18”x24”. One yard sign may be posted at each elementary school. Two yard signs may be posted at each middle school and high school. Signs must be picked up within 48 hours of the event. The district/campus has the right to determine placement of the signs and/or move the signs as needed. WFISD is not responsible for lost or damaged signs. 

Coupons: WFISD does not allow the direct distribution of unsolicited commercial advertisements, special offers, or discount coupons to students or staff. However, campus administrators may procure coupons to use as rewards or academic incentives for students, as long as the offer is a completely free item and has no conditions of purchase. (Ex: Students who read 20 books will receive a coupon for a free ice cream from a local restaurant). Campus administrators are also allowed to place the previously mentioned items in the teacher break room for faculty and staff. The District utilizes district email for companies and organizations that wish to partner with the district to offer incentives to all employees. All "employee perk" emails shall be sent directly to by the WFISD Communications Officer. For more information contact Ashley Thomas at 

E-Mail: Email addresses, as well as email groups, procured or maintained by the district will only be utilized by WFISD in accordance with WFISD policy and both state and federal laws. WFISD employees are expected to follow the acceptable use policy as set forth by the district. 

WFISD Website: The district website, and all associated campus websites, are for district use only. 

Parentlink/Skyward: In compliance with federal law, information pertaining to corporate or business interests will not be distributed via parent email, phone (landline or cellular) or text. This type of information includes Spirit Nights at restaurants, sales information, etc. Parentlink will only be used for campus or district information or emergencies.