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Credit by Exam (CBE)

Curriculum and Instruction

Credit by Exam (CBE) is the process by which students can skip grades or earn credit for courses by taking tests.

  • Elementary/Middle (Grades K-8) - CBE tests are used to "skip" grade levels (potentially). To do so, students must take 4 tests (Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and score an 80 or better on each exam.
  • Secondary (Grades 7-12) - CBE tests are used to earn credit for specific courses.  To do so, when applicable, students must take exams for BOTH semesters (first and second) and score an 80 or better on each exam.


Tests can be taken in one of four windows of time. (See below.)

During the school year, we arrange for students to take these CBE tests at their home campus during the school day.  (Target windows: Beginning of year, Fall, Spring)

During summer, arrangements will be made for the student to test at the WFISD Education Center, 1104 Broad Street. (Target window: June-July)

Note: We try NOT to administer tests in August or January.

Window 1) Beginning of Year 2) Fall 3) Spring 4) End of Year
Testing Window Sep-Oct Nov - Dec Mar - Apr Jun-Jul
Order Date Aug 19 Oct 19 Feb 8 May 9
Deadline for Requests Aug 12 Oct 12 Feb 1 May 2



In most cases, our District uses exams from the University of Texas.  Find review sheets and study guides linked below.
UT CBE Study Guides

In some cases, we may use exams from Texas Tech. Their resource page can be found by [clicking here].


Do you want to request a CBE exam for your student?  If so, please complete the form linked below.

[CBE Request]

CBE for Spanish I

Per District policy EHDC, Wichita Falls ISD can use locally developed assessments for students to place out of the Spanish I course, as long as these exams are approved by the District’s Curriculum office. The guidelines are described below. 

  • Who: Students who start Spanish I with some proficiency in the language (such as native speakers)
  • What: Take a test over Spanish I curriculum and skills
  • Why: Potentially to advance to the next level (Spanish II) of the language course 
  • How: On a student’s behalf, the teacher should request a placement exam from the District’s Curriculum office. The exam will be administered by the District director of bilingualism / LOTE. Once the exam is scored, results will be communicated to the student’s counselor.
  • When: The process should be completed within 10 instructional days, during the fall semester only, beginning in the fall of 2022.
  • Format: The test will have components that require reading, writing, listening and speaking in Spanish. The test will be patterned after the exam for credit for Spanish I (2nd semester) created by UT High School, which can be found here:
  • Grading: A score of 80 or better is required for a student to place out of Spanish I. The student’s score will be recorded on the transcript as the grades for both semesters of Spanish I. These grades will be coded as “E” (for credit earned through exam). For GPA purposes, credits earned in this way are designated as “regular” courses --not “honors.”

For more information, contact:
Ward Roberts, Director of Innovation and Advanced Academics
(940) 235-1021, ext. 15009​​​​​​​