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Curriculum Development

Curriculum and Instruction

How is the District's curriculum developed?

Our curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  These are the state-approved curriculum standards for all courses in Texas public schools.  (For more information, click here to visit the TEA website.)

With help from various resources (such as the TEKS Resource System), the District's curriculum specialists work with teacher teams to develop calendars and organize units for instruction.  

How can parents review teacher lessons in more detail?

The WFISD curriculum documents provide a framework for instruction.  For use in the classroom, the documents often provide a list of suggested resources, such as state-approved texts or locally-developed materials.

However, each teacher creates her own individual lessons based on the needs of her students.  Because the actual handouts and activities used by students will vary slightly from classroom to classroom, parents should contact their child's teacher to request specific lesson details.

For more questions about the WFISD curriculum documents, please contact:

Debbie Dipprey, Executive Director of School Administration
940.235.1003 ext. 10023

Jeff Hill, Director of Elementary Curriculum  
940.235.1021 ext. 15040

Director of Secondary Curriculum
940.235.1021 ext. 15010