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Off-Campus PE

The Wichita Falls Independent School District will grant physical education credit in grades 7-8 for those enrolled in off-campus facilities. A maximum of two units of state credit will be granted for students in grades 9-12. Students will NOT receive grade points for off-campus classes.

Students applying for off-campus physical education must meet the requirements set by the Texas Education Agency for a Category I or Category II waiver. Approval must be obtained for the WFISD Superintendent or designee prior to participating in the off-campus physical education program.

Category I: Olympic-level participation and/or competition includes a minimum of 15 hours per week of highly intense, professional, supervised training. The training facility, instructors and the activities involved in the program must be certified by the  superintendent to be of exceptional quality. Students qualifying and participating at this level may be dismissed from school one hour per day. Students must complete 15 verified hours of instruction per week.

Category II: Private or commercially-sponsored physical activities include those certified by the superintendent to be of high quality and well supervised by appropriately qualified instructors. Student participation of at least five hours per week is required. Students certified to participate at this level may not be dismissed from any part of the regular school day. Students must complete 5 hours of verified instruction per week.

Grades will be determined by the instructor/coach of the program. It is the responsibility of the parent and instructor to submit grades at the end of each grading period to the student’s counselor in order to ensure credit is awarded to the student.

Off-Campus PE Documents