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District Surplus Storage and Handling

The warehouse stores district surplus items until they are re-allocated to a campus, liquidated via auction or sale, or disposed of. Our auction and sales are currently handled using the online auction site "Public Surplus". You can find a list of our current auctions here.

Internal Re-Allocation

Once items are taken to the warehouse they are placed on our auction site and are initially available for internal allocation. These items can be viewed by any district employee, but request to claim items must be submitted by your campus administrator (usually your Principal or Assistant Principal)

If you are a district employee and would like to look at the items that are available for re-allocation, contact Shannon Troester at for instructions on registering with our auction site.

Public Auction

If, after a short period of time, items are not claimed by a campus or district location then they are placed up for public auction. We currently use "Public Surplus" for our auctions and do not intend on doing a live public auction in the near future. You can find a list of our current auctions here.