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Intra-District Personnel Move Request

In the event that an employee is moved from one campus to another, the district warehouse staff can help facilitate that move. In addition to moving your materials the warehouse may be able to provide boxes and tape depending on availability.  

Follow the steps below if you would like the warehouse to move an employee from one location in the district to another. Please keep in mind the warehouse does not make moves that are inside the same campus.

  1. Request boxes if needed from the warehouse by sending an email to Jerry Toliver at Please allow at least a week for these to be delivered.
  2. Fill out an online work order. This will allow the warehouse to schedule your move. You can find the online form below.

SchoolDude Request Form

Log in.

Step 1: Please enter your name and email address.

Step 2: Provide the campus you are currently located at (moving from). In the Area/ Room number provide your current classroom room number.

Step 3: Select Warehouse

Step 4: Here you will give the information of what campus you are moving to along with the room number (your new campus). Please give a brief description of the items that are needed to be move. 

Example: Hello my name is Mr. Doe and I am going to be transferred to Ben Milam Elementary. My new classroom number is room 123. I have 10 boxes that are labeled. I also have a desk and a four drawer filing cabinet that are also labeled.

Step 5: Put in the date you are entering the request.

Step 6: Attach an additional description or information.

Step 7: Submit.

  1. Pack all your items. If you use your own boxes do not use anything bigger than a copy paper box. We will not move any boxes that are over 70lbs and a full copy paper box is about 60lbs.
  2. Label all the items in your room that are to be moved with a label or tape. If your furniture will be moving with you be sure to tag all of it that is to be moved.
  3. If you have a computer that is moving, you or someone in your campus office will need to place a ticket online with technology.

If you follow those steps, we should be able to move your materials without any problems. Below we have listed some important information that you need to consider:

  • Please do not pack any boxes heavier than 70 lbs. Boxes other than the ones provided will be allowed, but take care to keep the weight manageable. The boxes you pack should not be heavier than a full box of copy paper.
  • File cabinets that we are required to move must be emptied before moving. Remove the files from the cabinet and pack them in boxes before the move.
  • The district will move anything that is in the room that you request and is approved by the campus administrator or Principal. We prefer that you move any personal items or material where possible. If you would like the warehouse to move your personal items, we will not be responsible for any damage to personal items that we move.
  • Pack all items that are small enough to fit into boxes.
  • Be sure to label all items that are to be moved.
  • Large items or items that are already in a box or plastic tub can simply have a tag placed on them.
  • If your computer is moving with your other materials, there is no need to tag the computer. We will verify the fixed asset number before moving your computer. Please pack your keyboard, mouse, and all cables in a box.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jerry Toliver at