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Printing a Warehouse Catalog

Skyward provides us with the ability to print a catalog showing the items that are stocked in the warehouse. The catalog shows the stock Item Code, the item Price, and the Item Description.

1. Log into Skyward and select "Reports" under the "Inventory" tab.

2. You should have an option "Inventory Catalog - IC". Select that option.

3. You should see a list. Find and select the report titled "Catalog" that is created by Leah Horton. Once you have it selected, click Print in the upper right hand corner.

4. A window pop up showing the system is working. Once it has finished processing, click "View Report."

5.  You should now have the catalog displayed. In addition to simply viewing the catalog, there are two other options.

  • If you want to save a copy of the catalog on your computer, click on the disk icon at the bottom.
  • If you wan to print a copy of the catalog, click on the printer icon at the bottom. 
  • If you want to go to a specific page on the catalog, enter the page number in the box.
  • The icons may not display immediately. If not, simply move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and they should appear.