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Returning Stock Items to the Warehouse

It is not unusual for campuses to order items from the warehouse and then either realize or decide they do not want them. Have no fear as there is a simple way to return items to the warehouse. One important note: only the person who actually entered the Warehouse Requisition can enter a return for the item.

1. Log into Skyward and select "Return Items Received" from the Inventory tab.

2. This screen displays any returns you have done with the warehouse. To create a new return, select "Add" from the upper right hand corner. 

3. You will need to select the item you wish to return.

  • If the view does not show the item you wish to return, enter the requisition number in the box marked "Requisition Number" (#1)
  • Otherwise, select the item on the list
  • Once selected, click Select in the upper right corner

4. A new window will open showing the details of the item you want to return.

  • Verify the quantity you want to return.
  • Next to "Return Type" there is a drop down menu. If you ordered the correct item(s), but we sent the wrong item(s) choose "Return to Warehouse - Reorder". If you ordered the wrong item(s) or simply do not want the item(s), choose "Return to Warehouse- Do Not Reorder"
  • There is also a box for you to add a note to the return.
  • When finished, click "Save"


5. Finally, make a copy of the original paperwork for the requisition, highlight the item you are returning, and place the return near you mail bag so your daily driver can pick it up.

6. Once we receive the items back here a the warehouse, we will process the return and either send the correct item or credit your account.