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Pen and Finances

The ARP ESSER III (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief III) Grant Program was authorized in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP).

As a part of ESSER III, Wichita Falls ISD is allocated $31.2 million in funding to use through September 2024. At least 20% of those funds must be used to address learning loss. ESSER III can fund academic supports, social/emotional supports, health/safety, and continuity of services. Per requirements, the development of a plan for the use of these funds was made with educators and other required stakeholders.  Consultation with district and campus leadership occurred to begin brainstorming possible strategies that were allowable expenditures through ESSER III funds. A stakeholder survey sought feedback to guide and support these funds' instructional and expenditure plans.

Wichita Falls ISD plans to use ESSER funds in categories that align with TEA's guidelines: supported teachers, rigorous instructional materials, more time for learning, empowered parents, and other supports. The plan will be modified as needed to address student, staff and parent needs. 

Communication Plan

  • The District made its plan public on the Wichita Falls ISD website.
  • The District has created its plan in an understandable and uniform format.
  • The District’s plan is, to the extent practicable, written in a language that parents can understand, or if not practicable, orally translated.
  • The District will, upon request by a parent who is an individual with a disability, provide the plan in an alternative format accessible to that parent.
  • The District will periodically review and revise its plan as needed, at least every six months.
  • The District's ESSER Translation Policy may be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions