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Budget Documents

Pen and Finances

The annual budget reflects the allocation of revenues and expenditures to support the District’s educational programs and services. Each school district in Texas is required by law to prepare an annual budget for the General Fund, the Debt Service Fund, and the Food Services Fund. The following budget documents include the original budgets adopted by the Board of Trustees, budget summary reports that provides comparison data for the proposed budget to the current budget, budget amendments that are presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees when budget revisions are necessary, and the annual budget books.  As part of the District’s efforts to increase the level of transparency and engagement in the budgeting process, we are committed to providing essential financial information and data on the District’s revenues, expenditures, tax rates, cost drives and comparative data with other school districts.

Adopted Budgets

The annually adopted budget outlines the financial resources necessary to offer a competitive compensation package to employees, to maintain existing facilities, and to support the 28 existing campuses while preparing for student and program growth.  The adopted budget includes the General, Debt Service, and Food Service Funds


Amended Budgets

The legal budget is adopted annually by the board of trustees at the Fund Code and Function Code level and must be adopted prior to the start of the fiscal year. The legally adopted budget is to be formally amended by the board of trustees prior to incurring an expenditure that would cause year-to-date actual expenditures at the Fund Code and Function code level to exceed amounts authorized in the adopted budget for the current fiscal year of the amended adopted budget. 


Official Budget Books

The District is committed to providing our stakeholders with an annual budget document that reflects sound fiscal management and budgetary policies.  The Official Budget Book is used to present the financial plan and the results of the operations of the District.