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Awarded Bids and Proposals


WFISD's awarded bids after January 1, 2022, that are not listed below can be viewed at:

RFP 23-15 Professional Development
Listed below are the Professional Development goods/services available for which WFISD campuses and/or departments may select. (New vendors will be added as awarded)

  • Caissa K12 - Customer Service and Student Recruitment
  • Ready Bodies Learning Minds TM - Focuses on the developmental, motor, sensory, and academic growth of all students. 
  • Capturing Kids' Hearts(R) - processes for building a positive, high performing school culture and growing leadership development.  
  • Teaching Strategies - Serves Early Childhood exclusively, bringing curriculum, assessment, social-emotional learning, family connection, and professional development resources for programs birth through third grade. 
  • Kampus Insights - comprehensive Professional Development, fifteen courses, each with three formats of instruction. Courses offered face-to-face, self-paced, with one virtual follow-up. Focus on teacher morale and student outcomes. 
  • Lakeshore Learning - Wide range of customized content and training to support professional development needs, including, but not limited to: Social-Emotional Development, Developmentally Appropriate Activities, Language and Literacy, Cognitive Development, STEM/STEAM, Environments, Instructional Support, Intervention. 
  • Project ARC, PBC - offers a la Carte Services as well as service packages Standard Project based Learning and Authentic, Relevant and Community Learning for community support mapping, project coaching, assets inventory, disPLACEd, Coaching, Formative Assessment Cards, Tailored Professional Learning Inquiry Session, Keynote Sessions.
  • Ready Bodies - Ready Bodies Learning Minds, (RBLM) Motor Labs are designed to be implemented as a classroom center or a campus-wide curriculum. The equipment in the motor lab kit was manufactured or selected based upon Athena Oden’s, the author and creator of RBLM, expertise and is targeted for excellent performance in a RBLM Motor Lab.
  • Savvas Learning Company - provider of K–12 professional development services that focus on improving the quality of classroom instruction aligned to Learning Forward and based on characteristics designed for effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Awarded Vendors for Prepared Food, including Baked Items

WFISD Awarded RFP 23-04 Local Prepared Food Vendors, including Bakery (expires on 8/31/2024):


RFP 23-01 Food Service Management Company

22-29 Medicaid Claim Processing Services

22-25Q Replacement of Synthetic Turf (Memorial Stadium)

22-24 Data Transmission Services

22-22 Metal Detectors Award RECAP
Twenty-two metal detector units and twenty two metal detection wands purchased January 3, 2022. 

22-18 Staffing Services (Special Ed)
RFP 22-18 Awarded 9/20/2021
Board of Trustees Agenda with Vendor scoring attached.

22-17 College Culture Consultant(s)
A single vendor submitted a response for the solicited services. The related scoring for this vendor is attached.

22-14 Online Special Ed Curriculum
RFP 22-14 Awarded 9/3/2021
Award Recap Attached

22-11 Catalog: Fundraisers