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Social Worker


The primary function of a school social worker is to conduct home visits. The social worker is available to assist a family in finding appropriate community services. He/she is also available to conduct home visits with teachers or other district staff.

Role of the Social Worker

  • To assist a new family to the area that is not aware of available community services
  • To assist a parent that states they are in need of some type of social service assistance
  • To assist a child that needs medical, dental, vision, psychiatric care, etc., and the family advises they do not have the resources to provide this service
  • To keep abreast of local, community services, in order to refer families to the most appropriate resources

Appropriate Social Worker referrals could include the follwoing but is not limited to the following:

  • A child in need of on-going counseling services from a community professional and the family needs assistance in obtaining these services
  • A family who reports they are homeless and does not have the resources to meet their needs
  • A family has no phone and there is a real need to contact them regarding their child
  • Assisting a school with communication between the school and social service type organization

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