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The attendance webpage is designed to inform WFISD administrators, staff and community about truancy laws and board policy. The sources used to compile information for the handbook are the Texas Education Code, the Texas Family Code, the Texas Juvenile Justice Code, WFISD Board Policy and Bulletins, and the Wichita County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Place 2.

The goal of the attendance office is to help students to be successful in completion of high school. It is our duty to encourage and enforce compliance of the compulsory attendance laws.

Often, administrators are confronted with complex issues for truancy. It becomes the responsibility of the school to find solutions for attendance problems. Litigation should be the final option to remedy truancy issues.

The webpage should be used as a resource for administrators and staff. Pertinent attendance laws are included on this page. For more information about Texas laws, access the Texas Legislature Homepage at Your truancy case worker should also be used as a resource to help combat truancy at your school.

Attendance FAQs