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Complaints and Concerns

Step 1: Contact appropriate school staff

  • Parent should first conference directly with the individuals involved (teacher, coach, etc…).
  • The majority of concerns are resolved by a conversation between those involved.

Step 2: Contact campus administrator 

  • Campus administrators are responsible for all of the school's processes and procedures.  
  • Campus administration can offer clarification of school policies and procedures.  
  • When necessary, conferences with involved parties can be arranged to work toward a solution.  

Step 3: Contact Student Services Department  

If Step 1 and Step 2 have not resolved your concern, the Wichita Falls ISD Student Services office should be contacted (940-235-1029). If no other suggestions for relief are available, a Level I grievance form will be offered and Step 4 will be initiated when the form is submitted.  

Step 4: Formal Complaint Process  

  • At this step, the Formal Complaint Process may be filed, if necessary.  
  • This process will be conducted in accordance with board policy FNG (Local)