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Student Transfers

24-25 Student Transfer Window for WF Legacy & WF Memorial High School

Parents of 8th-11th Grade Students - 

  • The transfer window for 24-25 high school students will be September 1 - September 30.
  • This adjustment to the transfer window timeline was made to ensure an accurate count of enrolled students at both high schools before the October UIL snapshot date.
  • District administrators will meet and review the Transfer Request Form at the end of the transfer window. Parents will be notified of the transfer approval/denial by the end of October. 

Per district policy FDB (LOCAL), all students will attend the school based on the zone they reside in unless granted permission to transfer based on these criteria: 

  • Child WFISD Employee
  • Participation in the IB Program or Specialized Program 
  • Administrative Reason
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Child of Military Personnel or First Responder

The District Transfer Committee follows the guidelines set in FDB (Regulation).  This information can be found through the following link: FDB (Regulation)

To determine the high school attendance zone for your child based on your address, please use the following link: 

Please complete the form below to allow the District Transfer Committee the ability to make a decision. No transfers are guaranteed. Available space and staffing may be a defining issue when granting or denying a transfer. 

24-25 Legacy & Memorial Student Transfer Form

Notice: A person who knowingly falsifies information to establish residency for a student in a public school shall be liable to the public school if the student is enrolled on the basis of false information. The Texas Penal Code 37.10 (c) (3) states that falsification of enrollment documents is a Class C misdemeanor and a school district may enforce civil penalties for this offense. See Texas Penal Code 37.10 and Texas Education Code 25.001.

Transfer Window

The student transfer window for the upcoming school year for current Pre-K-7th grade students will occur January 1 - January 31.