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As a leader in student transportation, Durham is committed to providing the safest and highest-quality service.  BusReport provides parents, residents and our district partners the opportunity to log real-time feedback, including service recognition, requests or concerns. 

BusReport is designed to:

  • Record feedback in real-time
  • Provide timely response from Durham
  • Create actionable results
  • Log all events, results and driving trends for coaching

A portal for our parents, guardians, and general public can be found at BusReport will help ensure each piece of feedback is received, logged, tracked and acted upon in a timely manner. Furthermore, the feedback system will provide email updates to the user throughout the review process.

At Durham School Services, we believe our customers are the most important part of our business.  Our external customers are the students we transport, their parents and the school officials in the districts and communities we serve. 

Our Mission
We provide contracted student transportation.

Our Vision
We deliver community based solutions.

Our Values

  • We ensure the safety and well-being of those we transport, our employees, and the public.
  • We do what we say; we live up to the spirit of our contracts or agreements; we do what is right; we are consistent.
  • We tell the truth, we avoid over-promising.
  • We treat others fairly; we listen; we recognize differences; we treat others with dignity.
  • We take ownership; we admit mistakes; outcomes belong to us; we give credit.
  • We encourage the success of each other; we seek a positive result; we provide construction feedback.
  • We use our assets and resources wisely to improve and grow our business and provide an acceptable return on investment.

Durham Bus Services
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