• pta meeting
    Hello, , welcome to the WFISD PTA page!
    Today is Monday, July 22, 2019.
    Our first meeting of the 2010-2011 school year will be Thursday, September 2 at noon in room 302 of the downtown Education Center located at 1104 Broad.
    Hope to see you there!

    PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers and others around the state who have a special interest in children, families and schools. PTA membership is as diverse as Texas is in cultures, education levels and parenting skills. By joining a PTA, a member automatically becomes part of the largest child-advocacy organization in the state — over 630,000 strong across Texas.
    Studies have proven that membership in PTA provides your child and other children around you with a greater chance of achieving in school. As a PTA member, you are more likely to be an informed, involved parent. These are dangerous times for children. More than ever, it is important for parents to learn ways to keep children safe, trouble free and involved in school. PTA is the best place to gain that knowledge.

    PTA Mission

    PTA is
    A powerful voice for all children,
    A relevant resource for families and communities, and
    A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

    PTA Vision

    Making every child's potential a reality