Room Reservations

  • Need to schedule a meeting?

    Room Reservations are now available on Eduphoria.
    For step by step instructions, click here.
    Room options are listed below.


    Ed Center:

    • Board Room

    • Meeting Room 301

    • Meeting Room 302



    • Carrigan Café

    • Carrigan Room 2

    • Carrigan Room 7


    Career Education Center:

    Large Room (In front of learning stairs)

    • Computer Lab 1

    • Computer Lab 2

    • Learning Space

    • Flex Space 228

    • Conference Room  


    Complete the Room Reservation form by clicking here.
    Note: If the room is not available, it will not be a choice. You will need to choose a different room, date or time.

    The default setup for Room 302 is with tables for groups of 5-6 at each table.
    *If you need a special setup, it is your responsibility to contact the custodians to change the setup for your meeting.

    After completing the room request, you will receive an email confirmation from School Objects. You can also view your reservations under the “My Reservations” column in Eduphoria.

    Air Requests: *Change due to new system in maintenance

    When you reserve the room you will need to submit a Help Desk ticket to maintenance for the air.

    If you have any questions, please contact Marchuetta Matthews in the Associate Superintendent’s office at 235-1002, ext. 10002 or Vanessa Dishman in the Superintendent’s office at 235-1001, ext. 10001.