• Welcome to the Wichita Falls ISD Schoolwires demonstration web page.

    The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the various features of our website management software (Schoolwires).

    Website Expectations

    Each teacher is expected to maintain their website and keep the posted information up to date. The following elements would be found on an exemplary classroom website:
    1. Contact Information
    2. Welcome Message
    3. Teacher Bio/Photograph
    4. Syllabus/Description/Objectives
    5. Homework Assignments
    6. Calendar of Events with Test/Quiz Schedule
    7. Learning Resources
    8. Classroom Rules and Policies
    9. Worksheets & Handouts
    10. Resource Lists
    11. Parental Resources
    12. Class Showcase/Class News
    13. Activities to Energize Learning
    14. Awards & Recognitions
    For assistance or additional training on Schoolwires please contact your Campus Webmaster or the District Webmaster, Jessica Wilkins (jwilkins@wfisd.net).

    Remember: You will not see the Site Manager button on your MyStart bar until you sign in and navigate on your website to the Section for which you have editorial privileges. When you click on the Site Manager button, you will open Site Manager and enter the Section Workspace for your Section.

    To access the Section Workspace:

    1. Navigate on your website to the Section to which you are assigned. The Site Manager button will display on the MyStart bar once you are at that Section.

    Click on the Site Manager button. Your Section Workspace will display.