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    RHS Science Teachers say
    "Science has all the elements!"
    Did you know?
    • RHS Science EOC scores are consistently above both district and state averages.
    • RHS Physics AP, Biology AP & Chemistry AP scores have high passing rates compared to state results.
    • RHS Chemistry & Physics teachers received ~$10,000 from Citi Foundation for hands-on learning.
    • Biology labs were completely renovated the summer of 2008!


    Rider High School Science ---
    Where Excellence is Tradition


    Rider High School Science Course Offerings:

    • Biology
    • Biology, Honors
    • Biology, Advanced Placement
    • Chemistry
    • Chemistry, Honors
    • Chemistry, Advanced Placement
    • Environmental Systems
    • Environmental Science, Advanced Placement
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology, Honors
    • Integrated Physics and Chemistry
    • Physics 1 Advanced Placement
    • Physics 2 Advanced Placement
    • Physics "C," Advanced Placement (calculus based)
    • Principles of Technology
    • Earth & Space Science
    • Earth, Wind, and Fire (Dual credit)
    • Forensics

     Rider High School Science Faculty 

    (Click on the teachers name to view their website)

    Bridget Alaniz - Biology 1, Chemistry 1

    Garth Baskin - AP Physics C, Honors Physics, AP Physics 2

    Alisha Crouch - Biology 1, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology

    Ellis Dalsan - PT/Physics 1, Earth and Space

    Billy Davison - Biology 1

    Ross Dillard - Biology 1, Environmental Science

    Keith Gates - Anatomy and Physiology, PRAC IN HS OT,  Medical Microbiology, Medical Terminology

    Bryce Henderson - AP Physics 1, Earth Wind Fire, Honors Biology

    Wilma Jones - Chemistry 1, IPC

    Stacie Martin - Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry

    Chris Mitchell - Chemistry 1

    Joshua Nielsen - Honors Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology

    Brionne Perry - Forensic Science, PT/Physics 1

    Christopher Preston



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    We strive for academic excellence but we do like to have fun in the process.
    Hoola Hoopin' Bailey