ROHO Swimming

    General Information for Rider Swim Teams



    • Current student in a Wichita Falls ISD High School(Varsity swimmers must be enrolled in swimming class) 
    • Current Physical (Click here for WFISD Form) 
    • Complete all Student Athlete required forms  (click here for link to forms)
    • Transportation to Boys and Girls club 
    • A willingness to learn  recreational and competitive Swimming 
    • Follow all WFISD, UIL and team rules and regulations 
    • An ability to say “Yes Sir and No Sir or Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am.

    Equipment needed:

    • A swim suit (No two-piece suits please) 
    • Goggles ( it always is a good idea to have a back up pair) 
    • Swim cap (if you have long hair) 
    • Your own towel 
    • Team equipment, such as team bags and team Warm-ups will be issued to varsity members only. 
    • Team T-shirts, team shirts, etc. can be purchased from the team

    Practice Times:

    • Swim practices will be held at Boys and Girls Club Central.( the swim team will provide the B&G Membership) 
    • The B & G club is located on the Northeast corner of 6th and Broad Street (1318 Sixth street)
    • Practice times are Monday through Friday during the athletic period. 
    • The  swim thletic period is 8th period . 
    • Practice starts at 2:30PM and lasts until 4:30PM
    Swim season:
    • Swim season starts in October and last through February
    • Most meets are held on weekends, however there are exceptions, such as dual meets and two-day meets.
    • Swimmers are encouraged to participate in other sports, but some sports such as soccer and basketball have conflicting seasons.
    • When swim season is over, swim team members have the opportunity to become certified American Red Cross Lifeguards.
    General information
    • All WFISD swim teams practice together, however since they are separate schools they will compete against each other. 
    • Parents are encouraged to join the Swim Team Booster club. 
    • Swim team members will participate in fundraisers.


    For more information contact:
    Oyvind Zahl
    WFISD Swimming Head Coach