• Biology

    Purpose: To further the study of life while having an appreciation for living.

    Membership: Open to ALL students regardless of race, gender, or religous affiliation.

    Club Goals: Host fund-raisers, assist non-profit & community-based out reach programs & organizations. Participate in fall & spring nature outings. Support Rider High School outreach activities.

    Meeting Times: from 3:00 to 3:30 pm
    RHS Biology Club
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    Our Meetings are Held once a month on Thursdays in Room #218 or #219


    Shara Humpert & Steve Henderson
    Dylan Hillard
    Vice President:
    Bryce Henderson
    Alan Snyder
    Klint Sanchez
    Event Coordinator
    Tanner Ford
    Harrison Howard
    For more information about the RHS Biology Club, contact
    Shara Humpert at shumpert@wfisd.net / Steve Henderson at shenderson@wfisd.net or call (940)-235-1077 ext. 31059.