• 7th Grade Pre-AP Writing - Coach Campbell
    Welcome to Pre-AP Writing! I am very excited for this year and enjoy having your children in my class. I post online homework to the Wikispace that I have created for each class. Below are the links for each class period.
    1st Period - http://preapwriting.wikispaces.com
    3rd Period - http://preapwriting3.wikispaces.com 
    4th Period - http://preapwriting4.wikispaces.com
    5th Period - http://preapwriting5.wikispaces.com 
    The URL address is a private page, but you are more than welcome to use your students account to check and see what we are doing. 
    If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress in my class, please feel free to contact me. Students will be expected to keep up with any work that is missed.
    Late work will be graded in the following manner:
    •    100% of the grade if turned in on time
    •    10 points off grade if turned in one day late
    •    5 points off grade each day turned in late until the following Friday
    •    Grade of 0 if turned in after the following Friday deadline
    Email - tlcampbell@wfisd.net    Room Number: F112 
    For a conference, we can set up a time to meet. My schedule is below. I am also available after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:15/4:30.
    1st Period - Pre-AP Writing 7:45 - 8:30
    2nd Period - Athletics 8:34 - 9:19
    3rd Period -  Pre-AP Writing 9:23 - 10:08
    4th Period - Pre-AP Writing 10:12 - 11:05
    5th Period - Pre-AP Writing 11:10 - 12:32  Lunch 11:46 - 12:16
    6th Period - Conference 12:37 - 1:22
    7th Period - Athletics 1:26 - 2:11
    8th Period - P.E. (Cheerleading) 2:15 - 3:00